computer notesThis site is built using Joomla, the free, open-source CMS.


Joomla has some free templates included, but I purchased the ELEMENT template from JoomlaShack and, with help from the excellent JoomlaShack community discussion forum, optimised it for use on slow, dial-up connections.


Thanks to the JoomlaShack forum team, Dean Marshall, David Lovrien and TJ for all their help. Thanks to David Lovrien for making this site's logo.


The Media Helping Media forum is the built with the free JoomlaBoard component. The calendar is the EventCal component and the comment module on each story is AkoComment.


The site is hosted by Falcon Media, at a reduced rate. Thanks to Paul Large, the owner of Falcon Media for the discount and for his hours of patience in helping me install Joomla.


Thanks too to Nedim Dedic of the Media Centar Sarajevo and NetNovinar for all his help in learning about Joomla.


The images are either submitted by correspondents or sourced from the excellent yotophoto, which searches the web for free-to-use photographs and images. I also use FreeFoto. Site owner, Ian Britton, allows me to use his image for my non-commercial community projects.


Articles and training resources are either submitted by registered members of Media Helping Media, reproduced from news releases from freedom of expression and human rights organisations, or pieced together from material gathered.


All who work on and help Media Helping Media do so on a voluntary basis.


Thanks again to everyone.


David Brewer

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