A little means a lot to developing media

Western funders should take a reality check when setting objectives for media interventions. Success should be measured on the ground and by local values.

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Mobile global penetration screen grab from the We Are Social presentation

Valuable indicators of global media consumption

News organisations, looking for data to support a business case for delivering content to users on multiple digital devices and on social media, might find research, published earlier this year, helpful.

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The grassroots call for media assistance

What can be done to help budding journalists in remote locations gain access to the knowledge needed to make them efficient and effective reporters covering areas that are sometimes neglected?

Image by Eric Lim Photography released under Creative Commons

The ‘over’ and ‘more than’ debate

The bulk of my early journalistic training was through peer group humiliation. Any mistakes were announced publicly for all to hear. And they were lessons learnt for life.

Image by Africa Renewal and released under Creative Commons

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