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Over the last few years I have been fortunate to work with some wonderful journalists at various regional TV and radio stations in Vietnam. As this phase of the project draws to a close, it’s time to reflect.

Recent News
Yahoo News Digest on Google Play - screen grab

Can a news digest really be complete?

It’s brave of Yahoo to claim that its News Digest service is a “comprehensive and complete” “definitive summary” of “important need to know” news – as opposed to “want to know” news. I’ve been testing it.

Image of pen, notebook and computer by Peter O'Shea and released under Creative Commons

Free grammar check for journalists

An infographic, pointing out what are claimed to be the top 20 grammatical mistakes made by journalists, has been shared on social media this week. The graphic is entertaining, but the associated free tool for checking copy caught my attention.

The Kigali conference - image courtesy of the Ethical Journalism Network

Media guidance for dealing with hate speech

The Ethical Journalism Network has published guidelines which it hopes will help journalists deal with hate speech in news stories.

Mobile global penetration screen grab from the We Are Social presentation

Valuable indicators of global media consumption

News organisations, looking for data to support a business case for delivering content to users on multiple digital devices and on social media, might find research, published earlier this year, helpful.

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