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News about media freedom and development issues.

This blog has closed

Media Helping Media (MHM) has been taken over by the Fojo Media Institute. This blog, which used to provide updates on the training provided via MHM is now closed.

Channel24 Bangladesh. Image by Media Helping Media released under Creative Commons

Changing a newsroom seating plan to boost efficiency

How a TV newsroom can become more efficient simply by making small changes to workflows, roles and responsibilities, and where people sit.

Media management training at Prothom Alo, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Images by Media Helping Media released under Creative Commons

Empowered​ ​training,​ ​a​ ​shift​ ​in​ ​emphasis

A fresh approach to journalism capacity building is underway in Asia, and it’s all about inclusion and dialogue. They are the two buzzwords for a project that aims to empower those receiving the training from day one.

Image of cross-promotion meeting at VTV in Vietnam taken by Media Helping Media and released under Creative Commons

Cross-promotion in a converged, digital-first newsroom

Do you run an integrated newsroom that includes a successful cross-promotions model? If so, are you willing to share any examples of how it works?

Training at the MCZ image by Media Helping Media released under Creative Commons

Zimbabwe community journalism via smartphones

Are you able to help fund a grassroots community journalism project in Zimbabwe?

Picture of person blogging using a Macbook Air is by Media Helping Media released under Creative Commons

Scaling down blogging activity for now

I am reducing my blogging activity over the coming months so that I can concentrate on a few new projects which will involve a great deal of research and writing.

Image by Trade for Development and released under Creative Commons.

Burundi journalists in exile need support

A group of 20 young Burundian journalists living in exile are seeking international support in order to develop their Radio Television Peace FM Burundi project.

VJTC certificate of appointment

Certificate for sharing resources, ideas and experiences

What an honour, after many years visiting and working in Vietnam, I’ve now been appointed as an international media strategy advisor to the Vietnamese Journalists Association (VJA)

Senior newspaper managers and editors attending training - image by David Brewer released under Creative Commons

Vietnamese newspaper bosses want to visit UK newsrooms

UK newspaper editors – could you spare two hours to show a group of 15 Vietnamese newspaper managers and editors around your newsroom?

Digital first

Newsroom evolution from digital denial to digital first

Fear, a lack of vision, laziness and a failure to recognise and keep up with changing audience behaviour are the most common reasons for media organisations becoming irrelevant and struggling.