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News about media freedom and development issues.

Malaysiakini – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When the government of Mohammed Mahathir took away Malaysiakini’s 19 desktop computers and servers, in an attempt to silence the independent media outlet, there was a public outcry. Within hours of the story being broken on CNN International, hundreds gathered outside the Kuala Lumpur offices to hold a candlelit vigil, demanding the return of the […]

Media Training – Belgrade, Serbia

The warmth of a Belgrade summer, sitting in the courtyard of the wonderfully named Centre for Cultural Decontamination, set up during the Milosovic regime as an oasis for media and artistic freedom of thought. I was there to run a four day training session with media organisations from across the Balkans representing TV, radio, print […]

El Periodico – Guatemala City, Guatemala

The day we arrived at the El Periodico compound in Guatemala City, editor José Rubén Zamora had just published a lead story that claimed that the Portillo government was benefiting financially as a direct result of the acceptance of funds from mafia activities, including trafficking in narcotics, kidnapping and extortion. The article had taken six […]