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News about media freedom and development issues.

What hope for the 75 million young people looking for work?

According to the ILO, not only have 50 million jobs been lost worldwide, but the job prospects for the world’s youth are grim. And if something isn’t done, social unrest could result. Now there’s a chance to quiz the ILO’s jobs expert live. This piece was put together on Storify.

International award for two Sudanese journalists working in exile

The author of this piece, David Brewer, is a journalist and media strategy consultant who set up and runs Media Helping Media the site associated with this blog. He delivers media strategy training and consultancy services worldwide. His business details are at Media Ideas International Ltd. He tweets @helpingmedia.

Journalism tools built by journalists for journalists

Well, not quite. There is a team of fantastic developers in the mix, too. But those at Sourcefabric, who are developing free, open-source journalism tools for media in need, have a solid journalistic pedigree. And that means something. I have been working in online media since 1997 when I was one of a small team of […]

Journalists watch out, PR spinners are on your case

Well, they think they are. The title of the blog post caught my eye, “Eleven Tips for Crafting a Pitch That Wows Journalists”. The image at the top of the piece, which I guess is supposed to be of a journalist – eyes and mouth wide open in amazement (presumably having been wowed by a […]

The newsroom management system of the future

Wild, wacky and weird ideas needed for the newsroom management system of the future I am putting together a talk for MediaFabric next week about the future of news production in the light of changing audience behaviour. It’s mostly written, but I’d be interested in hearing what others feel are: the essential must-haves for a […]

Brave step for Azerbaijan media development

A lot is resting on the next four days. The team at the Azerbaijan Media Center (AMC), which has successfully run courses covering all aspects of media production and media management, from print, through broadcast and into digital media, is taking an important new direction. Instead of continually bringing in Western experts to share skills, […]

Online journalism and media ethics – Pakistan

Text of a speech given to the Online Journalism course at Fatima Jinnah Women University in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on Thursday 29 September, 2011.  The initiative is a Mishal Pakistan initiative in conjunction with UNESCO. The topic was online journalism and media ethics. Thanks for inviting me to take part in this course. Puruesh sent me […]

Will publishing journalists’ notes enrich or confuse the public debate?

The possible dangers of producing a context-absent editorial DIY construction kit to enable the audience to create building block journalism based on dubious assets. The following is a piece prompted by the suggestion (see below) that journalists’ notes might be worth publishing. Are journalists’ notes of any value to the public? Notes and cuttings of […]

Newspapers making do with old technology

Last week I wrote a piece on Media Helping Media about how content curation isn’t new and that it is in the DNA of all journalists. I wrote about working on my first newspaper, and the daily duty of curating archived stories with scissors and glue. And I totally forgot to include some pictures I […]

Should the ‘oxygen of publicity’ be a journalistic concern?

Run a search on Twitter for the term ‘oxygen of publicity’ and you’ll find it’s been used a lot lately – particularly in regard to the recent disturbances in London and other English cities.   It seems to be a phrase used in relation to a point of view with which the tweeter disagrees. Or, […]