Burundi journalists in exile need support

Image by Trade for Development and released under Creative Commons.

Image by Trade for Development and released under Creative Commons

A group of 20 young Burundian journalists living in exile are seeking international support in order to develop their Radio Television Peace FM Burundi project.

The project, which the organisers call “The Voice of Youth”, is aimed at giving a voice to Burundian youth and connecting the refugee communities.

But they don’t have funds, lack equipment, and need training.

Organisers have contacted Media Helping Media, but, apart from being able to offer free training resources, I am unable to provide the financial support they require.

They are launching a website and plan to publish in Kirundi, French and English.

I thought it might be worth sharing their story  in the hope that there is an organisation that might be able to help.

The group is now in Rwanda and say they urgently need two laptops and three voice recorders. If you can help, please contact me and I will connect you to those behind the project.


Note: The image at the top of this piece is of Burundian youth and was taken by Trade for Development and released under Creative Commons.