Cross-promotion in a converged, digital-first newsroom

Do you run an integrated newsroom that includes a successful cross-promotions model? If so, are you willing to share any examples of how it works?

Image of cross-promotion meeting at VTV in Vietnam taken by Media Helping Media and released under Creative Commons

Cross-promotions planning for a converged, digital-first newsroom – image by Media Helping Media released under Creative Commons

The benefits of integrated cross-promotions

The next phase of my converged newsroom training with a Southeast Asian international broadcaster deals with cross-promotions.

I have examples of my own, but it would be great to have a few more, particularly from anyone who can set out what worked and what didn’t.

I am interested in the following:

  • the business case for cross-promotions in a converged news organisation
  • the roles and responsibilities to make it work
  • the workflows needed to ensure that all content is appropriately promoted on all devices served by the media business.

Examples, workflows and tools wanted

Any images of workflows would be great, as would recommendations for cross-promotion tools. And this isn’t just about broadcasting, any examples from publishers are welcome, too.

Please message me directly, or add a comment below and I will get in touch.

The course elements are listed below. Any contributions would fit in section five.

1: The business case for cross-promotion

For: Management and editors
Content: Why cross-promotion is important to a multi-platform, converged, digital-first news organisation.

2: The importance of cross-promotion

For: Editors and planning producers
Content: How to build cross-promotion into the long-term forward-planning for a news organisation.

3: The role of the cross-promotions producer

For: Editors and planning producers
Content: The day-to-day work of a cross-promotions producer, how their contribution ties into the workflows, and how it affects other roles and responsibilities.

4: Writing cross-promotion trailers for on-air, online and social media dissemination

For: Editors, other journalists, and planning producers
Content: The words, images, construction, and length needed to make effective cross-promotional trailers.

5: Cross-promotions – the dos and don’ts

For: Editors and planning producers
Content: How others do it. What works and what doesn’t.