Free legal guide for user-generated content

The team at has published guidelines designed to help publishers and broadcasters stay safe when managing content submitted by users.

image of interview being recorded taken by Media Helping Media and released under Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0

Staying safe when using UGC

Entitled ‘The Legal Risks of UGC’ (user-generated content) the document covers many editorial issues including copyright, defamation, contempt of court, privacy and whistleblowers.

The information is usually sent out on request, but has given this site permission to embed the pdf (below) so that all users of Media Helping Media can have immediate access.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Important to make locally-relevant

Note: The guidelines are written from a UK perspective, but many of the points are globally-relevant. However, journalists and media managers might need to adapt the content for local relevance.

I have circulated this to many of the journalists I am working with around the world in independent journalism and exiled media suggesting they run a quick course for all staff on what to look out for in order to avoid making mistakes.

Any feedback is welcome using the comment box below or on the Media Helping Media Facebook page.

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