How to create landing pages the easy way

Imagine the scenario. Your journalists are working on an important story. They have loads of interactive features, video and images. You’d love to have a special report with a dedicated landing page pulling it all together, but you don’t have the resources or the expertise. Well, a site called Publicate might have solved the problem.


screen grab of

Designed for sales and marketing leads, could also be useful for news organisations

The tool, primarily aimed at sales and marketing, could be really useful for newsrooms wanting to pull together material on a particular topic, present it in a neat and accessible way, and take advantage of sharing options that include embedding, email and social.

Publicate’s curation and presentation features make it ideal for creating attractive pages quickly. I’ve been testing the 14-day free trial version. It’s easy to use, is well designed and it reduces what were complex tasks to a couple of clicks.

Below is an embedded test in which I have linked to all my sites just to try the tool out. However, imagine how a media organisation could use this for creating landing pages for in-depth special sections. It could also be used for a pick of the week or an end of year review. All in all it seems a great way of resurfacing content and compiling special reports by simply uploading and dragging and dropping.

Everything after the line below and before my closing text is embedded from

This is a test page to see how easy it is to produce interactive newsletters with Publicate

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Summing up

Publicate could have great potential for journalism. It would be useful for media organisations that don’t have many resources but need to produce attractive content quickly and in a way that can be shared easily.

If you have used Publicate to create in-depth reports or special landing pages please let me know, I am interested in learning about any case studies.