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Journalists at NTV in Vinh, Nghe An during journalism production training

Journalists must explain stories, not just tell stories

Story development is an essential part of journalism. It involves editorial brainstorming to try to ensure that all significant angles are covered.

editing for the web - image by Media Helping Media released under Creative Commons

Managing a news website with limited resources

I wrote this for a TV station I am working with in Vietnam and thought it worth sharing with others who might be in a similar position. Just a few tricks for doing more with less.

Image by Christopher Pollard released under Creative Commons

Making the most out of audio/video assets

Are you getting the maximum benefit from the TV and radio packages you produce, or are they just broadcast, archived and forgotten?

Image of hear, speak and see no evil by François Rejeté and released under Creative Commons

Why journalists must listen, ask and watch

It’s essential for journalists to question, observe, listen and interpret what they discover. They must find out what’s behind what’s known. It’s the difference between journalism and public relations.

Image of birds by Racing Chipmunk released under Creative Commons

A lesson in managing social media communities

Setting up an online community is fairly easy. It usually involves a few clicks. Within minutes you are up and running. But managing a community once it’s live is a totally different proposition.

Orwell Flipboard magazine cover

What would Orwell have made of Flipboard?

How does Flipboard, which I found superb for creating a live event magazine in April, perform for longer-term content curation projects? I’ve recruited George Orwell to find out.

Staff at Radio Goma in the DRC

Free media resources help African journalists

Volunteer journalists working at two radio stations in the Democratic Republic of Congo have benefited from training modules created by Media Helping Media, downloaded and presented by a local trainer.

Journalism training in Vietnam

Free media training modules in Vietnamese

A dozen free training modules in Vietnamese are now available online for anyone to download and use for non-commercial purposes.

Đài NTV, Vinh dùng tài liệu này

Tài liệu huấn luyện tiếng Việt miễn phí về truyền thông

Bạn có thể lấy xuống mười hai tập huấn luyện bằng tiếng Việt để dùng cho mục đích phi thương mại. Dưới đây là hồ sơ dưới dạng pdf của các tài liệu của Media Helping Media (Truyền Thông Trợ Truyền Thông) và do Viện Fojo Media dịch. Những tài liệu này được cung cấp […]

DRT, Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak

Vietnamese broadcasters adapting for a digital future

A number of Vietnamese regional broadcasters are preparing for the switch to digital, with the help of journalism trainers and media consultants enlisted by the Fojo Media Institute.