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Training at NTV, Vinh, Nghe An

Journalism training book in Vietnamese published

A booklet containing a dozen training modules for radio and television journalists has been produced in order to help those attending media workshops at a number of Vietnamese regional TV stations.

Image courtesy of photo by hdptcar on Flickr released under Creative Commons

Exiled media’s role in defending human rights

Is it possible for journalists to campaign on human rights issues and retain their editorial integrity? Are they able to remain objective and impartial when political change is viewed as essential?

Reagan shot - Daily Mail, March 31, 1981 - image by Media Helping Media and released under Creative Commons.

From cutting up newspapers to curating links

The story about the woman who collected boxes of old newspapers marking world events reminded me of the days before the internet when a journalist’s research depended on what they had filed away.

Defenders' Days 2013 Flipboard Magazine uploaded by Media Helping Media

How to publish an instant magazine from a live event

The new Flipboard magazine function is an amazing free tool that enables anyone to produce a tablet and smartphone record of an event, as it happens, by just tapping a finger.

notetaking image by geek calendar and released under Creative Commons

How to give quotes a life of their own

I am experimenting with the social media sharing tool which lets you select a quote from an online article, save it, comment on it, share it, embed it and give it a whole new life.

magnifying glass image by Dave Edens and released under Creative Commons

Respecting copyright when curating content

Anyone curating content, whether using Storify, Pinterest, Tumblr or any other sharing site, must check the copyright small print first.

Fruit seller on the Buriganga River, Dhaka, Bangladesh

A tour of old Dhaka with a beat journalist

Just had an amazing two hours walking round old Dhaka and going out on a row boat dodging barges, ferries and ships on the Buriganga River. 

Picture of robot by littlelostrobot and released under Creative Commons

Testing Podcastomatic – turn your blog into a podcast

Podcastomatic is a free online tool for converting your blog into a podcast read by a robot. It seems to work well but there are a number of things that need fixing.


Kiva lending team for Media Helping Media

I’ve set up a lending team on Kiva, the organisation that arranges microfinance loans to help small businesses in areas where money is scarce.  All net income from the Google ads running on this blog and our main site is loaned via Kiva. 

Screen grab from the Spundge website

Editorial content collaboration with Spundge

I’ve just added Spundge to The Social Media Kitbag For Journalists after reading about how it was being used by newspaper journalists in the UK. It looks like a powerful tool for editorial collaboration.