About Media Ideas International

Media ideas International is the name of the media consultancy and journalism training business I set up in 2002. It sounds a big deal, but it's just me, working alone and hired by media companies and media development organisations around the world. The following sums up what I do:

  • Assist media houses in responding to the business, editorial workflow, and technological challenges posed by changing audience behaviour.
  • Advise on the introduction of converged/integrated newsrooms, and the steps needed to design and apply digital-first strategies, where appropriate.
  • Offer journalism training for print, broadcast and online journalists and social media training for all.
  • Specialise in helping media in exile set out their editorial propositions and prepare for the day when they become mainstream.
  • Offer free media training modules via this site for journalists in developing countries who can't afford training.
  • Provide updates on training projects and free tools via our blog.

I also run a Media Mentoring service with my colleague Bob Eggington where we offer media management one-to-one help and support with their strategies.

My background

I am a journalist by training, with a career that has involved journalistic and managerial experience in print, radio, television, online and social media. I was lucky enough to be one of the editors invited to set up and launch BBC News Online in 1997. Soon after the site went live I became the managing editor. Two years later CNN invited me to join them to set up and launch CNN.com Europe, Middle East and Africa and CNNArabic.com. I stayed with CNN for two years before starting my own media strategy consultancy and journalism training business. I was an editorial consultant for the launch of Al Jazeera English in 2006, the content consultant for the launch of itv.com, the UK's biggest commercial broadcaster, and a consultant for the launch and development of Livestation which streamed live news coverage.

Blogging, tweeting and socialising

I don't blog much, but when I do I post at @helpingmedia blog.  I tweet using the same name @helpingmedia. I have set up groups for Media Helping Media on Facebook, on LinkedIn and a community for people working in international media development on Google +. More about me - if you are not bored already - can be found at my LinkedIn profile.

Clients, past and present

Below is a list of the organisations I am currently working with or have worked with since Media Ideas was set up in 2002.

Commercial work

Media development



Media assistance 



Exiled media

I also work with a number of exiled media organisations in Africa, SE Europe, the CIS and SE Asia which can't be listed here for security reasons.