What we do

David Brewer

David Brewer

Have you ever felt the need to talk to a media professional in order to test an idea?

It might be a challenge to do with newsroom integration/convergence and associated workflows and roles and responsibilities. It might be preparing for a possible business development opportunity.

You might be wanting to implement a digital-first strategy, or help your team make the most of social media engagement for news-gathering and news dissemination.  Or it could be that you feel your team needs extra training in journalism best-practice and editorial ethics.

This media support section of Media Helping Media was set up for that purpose: for media managers to have someone to go to when they need help. Just tell us about the issues you are facing, and we can discuss how to proceed.

The team

Bob Eggington

Bob Eggington

The two main content strategy consultants in the team are, Bob Eggington, and me, David Brewer, although we also draw on a wide network of senior media professionals, each with unique expertise in their field.

Both Bob and I have worked in print, broadcast, online and digital media in the UK and worldwide, operating as journalists and managers.

We worked together on the launch of BBC News Online in 1997. Bob was the project manager, and I became the managing editor. Together we set out the editorial strategy, and the workflows and roles and responsibilities.

Our network of other media professionals includes people from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.

If you want to talk to us, please feel free to use the contact us page.

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The images used on this site are all sourced from Creative Commons. Thanks to the following for making them available for others to use: The image of the cogs on the front page and action page is by Arthur John Picton. The image of the computer keyboard on the front page and the contact page is by Marco Paköeningrat. The image of the headphones on the front page and the discuss page is by Robert Gourley. The picture of the Al Jazeera newsroom on the Contact Us page is by Osama Saeed.