Step 3: Start work

Once you and the consultant working with you are connected you will have taken the first step in introducing a sustainable digital-first media strategy.

You will be given help in defining your target audience, and how to super-serve the most important segments, along with help in determining their information needs.

You will be given suggestions for the workflows and roles and responsibilities required for running a modern converged/integrated newsroom delivering content to every device your audience turns to for information.

We will look at your business model, assess local audience needs, talk through technological challenges and opportunities, and come up with a plan that is specifically tailored to your needs.

If a site visit is required we would work out a programme to meet your needs.

Typically the site visit would take 3-5 days. It would involve on-site research, interviews, and discussions, and it would culminate in a meeting where we would put a plan to you and, together, we would discuss the implementation.

Now you know more about what we offer, you can find out more about us, go back to the first step, connect, or you can contact us and begin the process.