Step 1: Make contact

Our support service exists to help media owners and managers respond to the challenges and opportunities facing their organisations. We deal in the editorial excellence side of your business, not PR or communications.

The two main consultants in the team are Bob Eggington and David Brewer, although we also draw on a wide network of senior media professionals, each with unique expertise in their field.

Over the years we have helped those running media businesses in dozens of countries, and we know it’s hard out there: everything keeps changing, and nobody knows where the next set of challenges will come from.

It might be to do with new technology, changing audience behaviour, unexpected competition, or diminishing revenue streams.

We have wide experience of modernising traditional media, helping managers develop business models, creating new digital products from existing resources, and generating revenue.

You might just want to chat or check your plans against our experience, or you might want to go into more detail about strategy or implementation. Whatever it is, we can help.

The next step is to discuss your requirements.