The Media Helping Media mentoring service

media mentoring in Africa

Media Helping Media offers a mentoring service for those aiming to run a financially sustainable media business. The purpose is to help media managers respond to the challenges and opportunities of changing audience behaviour and digital technology.

You might want to run a digital-first operation from a converged/integrated newsroom, reach your audience on new, digital platforms, and also cut costs. We can help.

You can go straight to our mentoring service or read on to find out more.

The basic mentoring service is free of charge, but if you require more detailed help, we can discuss a fee based on your ability to pay. The three steps of the mentoring service are.

Step 1: Make contact

connect with a media professional

This high-level support service exists to help owners and managers deal with the big challenges facing the media. We know it’s hard out there: everything keeps changing and you never know where the next opportunities are coming from. Read more about Step 1.

Step 2: Agree objectives

discuss with a media professional

Once we are connected we can discuss the issues you face and, together, work out a strategy to move your media business forward. The initial contact is free of charge. At that point we are still in the discovery stage where we need to learn more about your business ambitions and assess whether we can help. However, if, following that discussion we find that we can help, and you want that help, we can then work out a support plan that fits your budget. Read more about Step 2.

Step 3: Start work

draw up an action plan with a media professional

Once we are connected, you will have taken the first step in introducing a sustainable digital-first media strategy. You will be given help in defining your target audience, and how to super-serve the most important segments, along with help in determining their information needs. You will be given suggestions for the workflows and roles and responsibilities required for running a modern converged/integrated newsroom delivering content to every device your audience turns to for information. Read more about Step 3.

Journalism Training

We also have more than 100 training modules to help you and your journalists adapt to the changing media scene. Many of these modules have been translated and the material used in journalism training worldwide. Most of the content on this site is released under Creative Commons BY-NC-4.0. We also have a mentoring service for media bosses grappling with their digital strategies and newsroom convergence.


We have more than 100 free training modules in our journalism training section.