The transcript was recorded by blogger and journalist Ali S. Novruzov.This site wants to thank Ali for sharing this information.

Tweeting an arrest and detention

The OL! Youth Movement members covered the 10 July arrest of Adnan Hajizada, one of their founders and members, and Emin Abdullayev (Milli) of Alumni Network through Twitter.

The unfolding story was relayed in 140-character text messages by supporters gathered outside the Sabail District Police Office.

Here are their tweets as recorded by Ali S Novrouzov.

The story of the arrest and hearing unfolds in text messages

hi, live updates from in front of police station.

Vakile göre Adnan ve Emine minimum 2 ay ya da 15 gun vere bilerler. Vekile gore azadliqa cixmag ehtimallari chox azdir. [According to the lawyer, Adnan and Emin can get two months or 15 days of detention. Lawyer says that there are little chance that they can be released]

Officials from American Embassy are in police department. They want to deliver food for detainees-EMIN and Adnan.



Police is expected to take Emin and Adnan to the court through the back door.

According to rumours that Adnan and Emin will be taken to the court soon and people gathered in front of police department will get beaten by police

A lot of police force is gathered on back side of police department. Rumours that adnan and emin will be taken from back door.

Rumour: provokers are hired for massing up the crowd gathered in front of police department.

According to police adnan and emin are taken either to court or prosecutor's office.

Police is dispersing the crowd. Member of euro comission is telling us to go to the court. People don't know where to go.


Group of people are going to the court. Euro comission representative is also among us.

Around 40 people are standing in front of the court. Journalists, reps of international and local NGOs are here as well.

Adnan's attorney entered the court building. Number of people gathered in front of the court is increasing.

German ombudsman has came. They dont let him in

Judge doesnt let German ombudsman to follow the process.

on of Human Rights and political freedom" On top, he mentioned that this will definitely affect both political and economical relations between Germany a

#azeriyouthdetained German Ombudsman mentioned three points to the chief judge of the court Gulzar Rzayeva: "1. This is clearly a political provocation

and will be spread among the international community. 2. Detainees didn't get appropriate medical treatment. 3. Closed trial is against European Convention

and Azerbaijan.

People gathered in front of the court building sang the national anthem of Azerbaijan


Reps of US embassies are trying to enter the court house.

Adnan is sentenced for 2 months inprisonment.

Adnan's attorney will apply to court of apeal and european court of human rights.

Police arrived to disperse the crowd, young people don't want to leave.

Adnan and Emin are expected to leave now.

People don't want to leave. Human rights defenders are asking people to leave,young people are disobeying.

Human rights defenders are arguing with police. Chief of Police department: "u are not obeying rule of law, therefore get in trouble"

Adnan and Emin are taken to detention center. People are scattered around. Adnan and Emin have requested toyuq kababi (chicken kebab)

And this from another person on Twitter

German HR Commsnr out - trial midday public "victims" more injured than emin & adnan

They are bringing Adnan. German HRC: it can be a scandal beyond Azeri borders


Emin & Adnan is here! Police: do not smoke in front of station

I forgot to say I am tweeting in front of police station

Police ordered people to disperse from police station. Journalists argue.

Sitting in chaikhana with Emin's lawyer, another lawyer inside

US and German representative here, EU representative left

Second lawyer allowed inside

Sweeper sent to "sweep" the front of the station

People drink red bull. Police tempted. They have also started to drink redbull

Lala brought apricots to us. Delicious!

Police forced people to one side of the pavement at least 10 meters away from station

Journalists and activists chat with ordinary policemen about non-violence and detainees

Trial IS today, don't believe to rumours!

NDI & IRI reps here; Lala brought cherries!

Sweeper disperse people with broom. Shock videos shot, will be published later!

Lawyer gives interview: successful precedent 0%

Just mistook Adnan's uncle for a spy

just waiting for trial

Reportedly, Azeri ombudsman is going to arrive at police station

False news - ombudsman is NOT coming. NOT!

Pls, more foreign observers, with last observer left, we'd be dispersed!

EU Representative; Emin & Adnan out?

Everyone left for the court!

People are waiting in front of the court. No one are let in.

But they are not there, at court!!!

Leyla Yunus and lawyers arrived.

EU, US Representatives, Rasim Musabekov here

Emin's parents sad and disappointed


German Ombudsman here and not let in!

German Ombudsman is not let in still!

Reportedly, judge refused to let in German ombudsman - 'trial is closed' #Baku #Azerbaijan

Judge won't let german ombudsman to trial, but let him in to meet in person

Wow, trial hasn't began yet, tragicomedy!

German ombudsman out, almost no hope, battery down, no more tweets

Thanks to blogger and journalist Ali S. Novruzov for recording these tweets.


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