Why we use cookies

the image of cookies was taken by Claire Sutton and is released under Creative Commons

Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer by some sites you visit. The only cookies used by Media Helping Media are associated with the smooth running of the site's Joomla operating system, although you can use the site without cookies (see blocking cookies below).

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Third-party cookies

Some cookies are placed on this site by third-parties. Google Adsense and Google Analytics place cookies in order to track who is clicking the adverts, how often they click and where they are from (in order to serve more targetted adverts), and to help track the site's traffic. There are also cookies served from Google's Double-click, advertising company in order to monitor adverts.

We also have cookies from the social media site Twitter for the information feeds on the front page, from Disqus for the comment system, and from addthis for the social media counters. If you click on the Media Helping Media LinkedIn group, on our Facebook page or any of our other social media sites you will be served a cookie by them, too. Below are some of the cookies placed on your computer when you visit this site.

cookies on MHM

Blocking cookies

If you want to disable all cookies in your browser you can follow the instructions in this useful tip sheet.

Disabling third-party cookies

If you only want to switch off third-party advertising cookies, you can visit the Internet Advertising Bureau’s consumer advice site and select your country from the list.

User agreeement

By continuing to use Media Helping Media without turning off your cookies, you agree to the placement of the cookies described above on your device. (If you don't want this you can still use the site, but the experience might be limited.)

Note: The picture of cookies on the front page of this site was taken by Claire Sutton and is released under Creative Commons